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Tuesday, January 02, 2007 :::

The Last Post

This marks my final entry at OMT.

Leaving this creaking old platform behind isn't easy. I've published here for well over 4 years and in many ways, these digital pages have become as familiar and comfortable as old friends.

But the time has come to move on.

My thanks go out to those who took the time to read my posts, to comment on- and off-line and especially to those whom I've come to know away from the screen.

I'll pop-up in other places now and then. I still have a shingle out at The Cost Cutting Caucus blog and intend to make more use of it in the future. And there are other writing opportunities waiting in the wings. They will be used as well because, Lord knows, someone has to keep Jeff Schapiro in line.

See y'all down the road.

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