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Friday, December 15, 2006 :::

Whipping Out the Credit Card

Jim Bacon has already noted that the Governor seems more than willing to use the state's credit card for items like upgrading sewage treatment plants. Today, we learn he wants to use the card once more for a new medium-security prison.

Like Jim, I have no real objections to the state using its good credit to build or repair infrastructure. However, these latest examples do tend to undercut the Governor's and the Senate's opposition to using bonds for road construction, favoring new taxes instead.

There may be some logic to this which just escapes me (it wouldn't be the first time). But has anyone considered in all the talk of new, dedicated revenue streams, that all those streams rise from the same source? You can only tap the same wallet so many times before it runs dry. But maybe that's the point. Otherwise, those damned fool taxpayers might spend their money elsewhere on foolish gee-jaws and gimcracks. Or save it (perish the thought).

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