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Friday, December 15, 2006 :::

Remaking Public Education

This ought to be required reading the next General Assembly session:

Warning that Americans face a grave risk of losing their prosperity and high quality of life to better educated workers overseas, a panel of education, labor and other public policy experts yesterday proposed a far-reaching redesign of the United States education system that would include having schools operated by independent contractors and giving states, rather than local districts, control over school financing.

Among the proposals are:

...starting school for most children at age 3, and requiring all students to pass board exams to graduate from high school, which for many would end after 10th grade. Students could then go to a community or technical college, or spend two years preparing for selective colleges and universities.

The teachers' unions are skeptical, of course. And I would not be surprised if many more with direct or indirect ties to the existing system have reservations as well. However, these ideas are worth discussing.

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