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Thursday, December 07, 2006 :::

A Real Race for Manoli

Jon at RiverCity Rapids has the goods on this RTD story.

I give Will Shewmake, the new entrant in the contest, props for this quote:

"For too long, Chesterfield has been underrepresented in the General Assembly. The county has been carved up and redistricted without concern for Chesterfield," he said. "Republicans need to nominate somebody who understands you don't need a malaria shot and a passport to cross the Huguenot Bridge."

Unlike many politicians, he seems to have a sense of humor. My only concerns about Chesterfield are those I see on the know, the back-scratching pols, the scandals, the perpetual chip on the shoulder.

Come to think of it, Chesterfield's not that different from Richmond.

But early on, Loupassi has the edge both in money, name recognition (certainly so north of the James) and that he appears to have the establishment behind him. Still, a little competition is always a good thing. And this race will be fun to watch.

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