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Tuesday, December 19, 2006 :::

More on RPV Blog Outreach

Both Jim and Jerry have noted this Wash Times piece on Ken Cuccinelli's idea to get the RPV involved with blogs.

I think Jim is exactly right when he says:

It seems the GOP right now is reeling from a rash of losses and looking for something, anything, that can bring them a win; today's flavor: the blogosphere.

What they should be looking for is a consistent message that a majority will rally behind. Communicating that message will then take care of itself.

It's an old principle: Supply creates its own demand. Supply a message that's worth discussing and it will be discussed over and over again.

However, Del. Dave Albo simply doesn't really get it:

"The problem is most of the people who monitor these blogs are hobbyists who already know who they are going to vote for," he said. "I don't think the average Joe who doesn't know whom he is going to vote for is monitoring blogs."

So we've all made up our minds and voters don't pay attention to us anyway so why bother. It's the sort of thinking that makes all those stories I've heard about Albo ring true.

While blogs do not and cannot equal the reach of a single television spot, that's not really the point. Blogs reach those who shape the news -- opinion columnists, editorial writers, reporters -- and those who run, work for or closely follow the campaigns. They aren't the mass of undifferentiated, undecided voters. However, they are the very same people Albo and others depend on to reach those same voters.

This does not mean blogs are silver bullets. But politicians ignore blogs at their own peril. So again -- craft a message. Believe in it. Work for it. The blogs will pay attention. And the voters will, too.

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