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Sunday, December 17, 2006 :::

Let's Make a Deal

Not Buck's advice column has gotten me thinking, which is always a dangerous thing.

If the Governor and the Senate are so desperate to raise taxes for transportation, while the House and taxpayers, it seems, are not keen on the idea at all, perhaps there is a way to give both sides something neither wants, but help everyone move a bit closer to a solution.

I suggest that the House give the pro-tax side all the hikes it wants -- every single one of them. In exchange, the pro-tax forces must agree to sunset those hikes after four or five years, at which time the effectiveness of these revenues in addressing the transportation problem, and whether they ought to be renewed for an additional set of years, can be debated.

Failing that, I suggest that any sort of hike to address transportation be offset by the elimination of the food tax and elimination of the BPOL tax or removing the cap on car tax rebates.

No one in the political class really wins and taxpayers, hopefully, get to stay somewhere near even in their tax burden.

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