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Thursday, December 21, 2006 :::

Let it Snow

Last year, the Leahys traveled to Denver for Christmas so young Jack could spend time with his grandparents. Good thing we didn't do the same this year.

Yup. It's bad. Really bad. My folks say they've got about three feet of snow at the house and will be trying to cut through the drift across the driveway this morning (of course, Dad bought the snowblower after I left home...). The chain law is in effect on the highways north of town and I-25 in closed from just south of town all the way to the New Mexico border. The National Guard has been mobilized to rescue stranded motorists and to bring supplies to the 5,000 or so people stuck at the airport (some of whom have the gall to complain that the airport is closed. it's a blizzard, people. If you want to fly, sprout wings and go for it).

Interestingly, they still have power. If such a storm happened in Virginia, the lights would be off for a week at the very least.

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