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Friday, December 15, 2006 :::

Farewell to All That

It seems the Republicans aren't taking the loss of their majority in Congress well at all. At least that's what we learn in this New Republic piece:

There are two ways to leave Washington after an electoral rout: graciously, with emphasis on your accomplishments; or mournfully and in great confusion, as Virgil describes the ruling elites abandoning Troy, wailing angrily and clutching at the doors of their lost palace. This generation of Republicans came here in 1994 claiming they would never be seduced by power; but, after twelve years in Washington, the wailing-and-clutching mood is the prevailing one. New York Representative John Sweeney, who watched his safe seat implode in the weeks leading up to November 7, has not even been able to show up for votes. According to his friend Representative Pete Sessions, he is in shock and has become physically ill from the experience of losing. It's hard not to get the impression that what the Republicans need as they leave the Hill is not fresh leadership or new ideas but a big, long hug.

What they got was a swift kick in the ass. And a well deserved one, at that.

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