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Monday, December 18, 2006 :::

The Electronic Chosen

Ken Cuccinelli's proposal (sent out through his e-newsletter) to have the RPV:

...institutionalize Internet/World Wide Web party participataion as a way to grow the party in new directions and recruit Republicans that can help our campaigns get our message out and fight the political war going on every day in the virtual world...

has generated some chatter. Which shows that, even if such a proposal never comes to pass, Ken at least knows how to stokes the blog world's fires.

Overall, it's an interesting idea that deserves serious discussion within the party. And it does show that at least one more Virginia Republican understands the potential for blogs to reach and engage new audiences. However, this bit left me cold:

Second, by bringing in new, tech-saavy folks, we expand the likelihood that there will be more GOP-focused blogs and bloggers, and as we Republicans know, that will lead to competition among the GOP bloggers to perform better and more effectively. Thus, we are likely to get more quantity and quality from those carrying on the political battle on our behalf on the net.

I can see the point. Competition does tend to bring bloggers. But let's never confuse quantity with quality.

And let's also never forget that it is not up to bloggers to carry the fight for anyone online or elsewhere. Just as they must do with voters, it's the RPV's responsibility to earn a blogger's support and work constantly to maintain it. Only then will (most) people be willing to carry the fight online.

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