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Sunday, December 03, 2006 :::

Democrats Get the Web. Republicans Don't

Evidence that Virginia Democrats understand the potential for online outreach comes from this piece by DPVA Chairman Dick Cranwell. Of particular note:

Finally, Democrats are winning because we are using innovation to engage voters and supporters at the grassroots level. When this decade began, most of the headlines about the Internet's influence on politics focused on its fundraising potential: How much money can be made off the Web? Today, we are using new technologies to bring campaigns back to basics -- engaging voters, one by one, in the democratic process.

Democrats are using the Web to raise money. However, just as important, we are using it to raise awareness, get out our message, attract and organize volunteers, and engage in spirited blog debates activities a lot of people know as "people-powered politics." While online resources are not replacing typical campaign methods of engaging voters, they give us yet another tool to get people involved and give them a voice.

You bet they are. Where is the RPV on this matter? According to Shaun, nowhere at all:

Stunningly, when you ask why Allen lost, no one says "blogs". There is no urgent conversation as to how to tackle the blogosphere at RPV -- at least not yet.

One side gets it. The other doesn't.

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