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Tuesday, December 12, 2006 :::

The Decline of Conservatism

A long and challenging article from Bradley Thompson argues that modern conservatism is a dead letter, largely because conservatives have made no attempt to justify their beliefs with an objective, moral philosophy:

In the 1950s and 60s, conservatives could be faulted for lacking the courage to morally defend capitalism and for diluting whatever good principles they had with an admixture of bad or contradictory principles. Today's conservatives, however, have either rejected principles as such, or, as is increasingly the case, have explicitly embraced the moral premises of the Left.

Because they refuse to defend capitalism morally, on the basis of egoism, conservatives have compromised and sold-out the rights of the American people. They have ceded the principled high ground to the Left by accepting the moral rationale for the welfare state -- altruism and its attendant notion that "need" is a legitimate moral claim.

Those who value freedom and capitalism must abandon altruism and the fantasy philosophies that support it (including religion). They must embrace egoism and the factual foundation for individual rights. They must defend capitalism -- not only because it works better than any other social system -- but also, and more fundamentally, because it is the only moral social system.

Reading this piece to the end takes a bit of stamina. But it raises a number of questions that conservatives ought to ask themselves, not the least of which is "Are we really conservatives, dedicated to defend what is right and true...or are we merely shadows of the left?

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