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Saturday, December 02, 2006 :::

Common Ground on Transportation

The Governor says he wants it. But actions speak louder than words:

Governor Tim Kaine broke his lockbox pledge by proposing tax hikes only six days after taking office, and he deployed radio ads and robo-calls during the General Assembly session to jawbone Republicans into submitting to his will. Now he gripes that "it's hard to find common ground" in the transportation debate. Maybe such ground would be easier to find if he hadn't deployed scorched-earth tactics.

Yes. It probably would. Except he seems to want take out those flat-earthed Republicans who opposed his mad dash for your wallet in next year's elections. That is his choice. But it also reminds me of the tactics another governor used to weed-out those who wouldn't fall in line with his plans:

Jim Gilmore.

And if memory serves, the scorched-earth approach didn't work for him, either.

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