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Monday, December 11, 2006 :::

Boehner Rallies the Troops

Minority Leader John Boehner's memo to the GOP caucus sounds some positive notes and even has flashes of insight. Particularly this one, which the Virginia GOP would be well-advised to read twice and take to heart immediately:

Simply saying “no” to everything won’t cut it; Republicans have to offer ideas of our own. If we want to reclaim our majority, we first have to reclaim our mantle as the party of hope, freedom, and reform. . .the party of Reagan and Lincoln. As our Democratic counterparts may discover the hard way, having a majority is of limited value if you don’t have a vision and a plan for using it.

While "no" is often derided as the last resort of a feeble mind, it's still useful and easy to grasp -- even the most stubborn child gets it after the third of fourth use. But Boehner is right when he says that the GOP needs ideas and a "vision" if it's going to earn the public's trust. You can't win unless you stand for something.

If they hadn't forgotten that in the last few years, the Republicans might still be the majority party in Congress.

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