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Saturday, December 02, 2006 :::

A "2/3 win" for Closed Primaries

The RTD reports that political parties can restrict primaries to registered party members, in some circumstances:

"When an incumbent officeholder chooses to have a primary for their nomination, the party unit in that district may exclude Democrats and independents, which they have not to date been allowed to do," he said.

So, from this report, it appears as though the decisions will be local. Which means they will be political. Which also means they have the potential to provide enormous amounts of unintentional entertainment. It's not a total win for Sen. Cuccinelli (who argued the case), however:

Cuccinelli called the ruling "a two-thirds win." Under the ruling, when there's an open seat, the party "doesn't have the power to have a primary to exclude Democrats or independents." He said he plans to appeal that part of the ruling.

Of course, the limitation works both ways, as Democrats could exclude Republicans and Independents from their primaries, except for open seats.

The political implications of this decision are many, and particularly so for those self-described Republican "moderates" who openly appeal to Democrats and Independents when facing challenges from the right (no, those challengers aren't always conservative, even though the candidates may call themselves such. In some cases, their desire for state intrusion into private life would make even the most ardent Liberal blush).

It's a decision like this that makes me wish the Jaded JD was still around to add his thoughts. Ah well.

Maybe Ken will, instead.

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