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Friday, November 17, 2006 :::

Same as the Old Boss

Via the American Spectator blog comes an item from newly-elected Republican Minority Leader John Boehner's political closet. What is a Republican? His answer:

But Republicans also are far from being purely conservative. A conservative would like to see the government shrink; a Republican does too, but -- in acknowledging political realities (a new defensive posture after September 11th for one) and the multitude of stakeholders in government after years of liberal control -- has often had to settle for simply slowing its rate of growth. Republicans have accepted such realities as the burdens of majority governance.

Republicans offer little more than a tap on the breaks when it comes to more government -- one of the reasons why segments of their own base and legions of independents abandoned them this month. If anything, Boehner's views give fresh meaning to Ben Domenech's critique of the leadership elections:

The Republicans have their worst political cycle in 12 years, and conclude that everything's fine, there's no problem, and they should just stay the course.

Stay the course...even after it's taken you right over a cliff.

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