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Thursday, November 09, 2006 :::

Pot, Kettle, Manoli

Out-going Richmond City Council President Manoli Loupassi has a few choice words for Mayor Wilder and his actions on behalf of candidates in the recent council races.

Perhaps "choice words" isn't quite right. Boneheaded. Yeah, that's better:

Wilder's disclosure that he had helped Trammell, meanwhile, drew a sharp response from Council President G. Manoli Loupassi, who did not run for re-election.

"I think it is pathetic," Loupassi said. "He represented that he is for good government, and now he is out there for someone who is the opposite of that. Jackie was a good government person."

Manoli is no dummy. But sometimes, he says the darnedest things. Would it be out of place to point out that he said he would play no role in the choice of his successor, but then went off and performed sundry campaign services for Bruce Tyler?

Nah. Wouldn't be fair. I mean, that would show Manoli is as much of a pol as is Wilder.

And as for bashing Reva...good Lord, man. If nothing else, she will bring a sorely-missed bit of life back to an otherwise moribund council.

But to the other issue of Jackie Jackson being somehow the embodiment of "good government." Well, that is to laugh. In her case, the return trip to private life may allow her to devote more attention to her day job (which, I'm told, flagged substantially during her council tenure).

Manoli's going to have to learn a hard lesson very quickly as he prepares to run for the House of Delegates: the bigger the political stage, the harder and meaner Doug Wilder fights. And the immediate beneficiary of that will be Katherine Waddell.

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