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Monday, November 13, 2006 :::

Looking Ahead (Too Far Ahead)

Not Buck Turgedson provides both major parties with outlines for success in the run-up to 2008. They are worth pondering, in part because they make me wonder if NBT has tapped my phones (or somehow fluoridated my water).

As they are the new minority and bloodlettings are always more entertaining than coronations, I'm interested in NBT's prescription for the GOP.

Some of these ideas are excellent -- abandoning the obsession with earmarks is the one most likely to gain some substantial backing (assuming Don Young and Jerry Lewis are kept in the cloakroom throughout the session). Once upon a time, the GOP paid more than lip service to the idea of fiscal restraint and accountability. They need to return to those ideas and practices -- which means they also need to get behind a Pence/Shadegg leadership team.

And while the ideas of term limits, balanced budgets and the like warm my old, activist heart, trying to achieve them through a convention is a non-starter.

After the Supreme Court's 1995 ruling that struck down state-imposed limits on their congressional delegations, my old employer began to pursue the idea of a single-subject convention. It got nowhere, largely because of the deep-seeded fear among some on the right and left that a convention would run amok, scrap the Constitution and force some fantastically weird beast upon us. No amount of arguing and reassuring will overcome that.

But that does not mean the GOP could not use the traditional method to introduce the amendments NBT suggests and use the discharge petition process to push them along. I don't expect that to happen. But if they do, it would send a signal that they are at least making the attempt to return to the ideas that gained them the majority 12 years ago.

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