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Sunday, November 26, 2006 :::

Jeff on Ed

Jeff Schapiro devotes his Sunday sermon to a topic that has engaged the Republican members of Virginia's blog world in recent days -- the rise of Ed Gillespie as state party chairman.

And while I appreciate the online discussion, it's always more informative to get an outsider's opinion on what a Gillespie tenure would mean -- and in Schapiro's case, it's a hostile outside opinion (so it has to good, or at least cheeky).

And we are not disappointed. Gillespie would seem to fit the needs of various GOP constituencies, including the nuts-and-bolts, worker bee faction:

Do Republicans want a party apparatus that effectively and fairly serves candidates and the rank and file, supplying cash and cutting-edge services for winning elections and recruiting activists?

Then Gillespie might be their man.

And the bitter, ballot-stung courtiers:

But maybe Republicans want a party apparatus that seems subservient to a busted politician and his vengeful clique, tilting party rules and procurement to their ambitions.

Then Gillespie might be their man.

Either way, there will be plenty of good copy for everyone concerned, not the least of whom will be the scribes just down the street from Gillespie's new digs.

I can't say whether his new post will make the RPV any more effective. Reading some of the commentary on the matter in recent days might give the impression that the RPV is the rock upon which all future success depends.

This is absurd. In this age of McCain-Feingold campaign "reform," state parties are -- if it's possible -- even more hollow and less useful than in the past.

However, it certainly does not hurt state Republicans to have someone steering the parade float who at least understands messaging, fundraising and outreach. There was something else he's known for...something important...oh, yes. The Contract with America, which Gillespie not only helped write, but helped market as well.

For a party that's been short on ideas, principles and victories lately, Gillespie might be arriving just in time.

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