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Monday, November 27, 2006 :::

Cleaning Out the Stables

Will the Democrats really put in place tougher ethics rules in the next Congress? That's a question the Wall Street Journal asked over the weekend and the answer is...could be.

Some of the proposals seem worthwhile:

The proposed packages in both the House and Senate would curtail, if not ban, travel paid for by lobbyists and organizations that lobby. House leaders say they would prohibit lawmakers from using corporate planes for official travel. Both chambers are expected to require members to identify hometown projects they insert into spending bills.

House and Senate leaders are mulling creating an office to monitor lobbyists' disclosure reports, or enhancing the powers of existing offices to take on that job.

I'm all for measures that lessen temptation. However, no amount of restrictions, bans, oversight or scolding will ever substitute for something it seems the political class genuinely lacks:

Civic virtue.

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