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Wednesday, November 08, 2006 :::

Cantor for Minority Leader?

That's the word. And I must admit Erick's sentiment's are correct in regards to Cantor's possible candidacy:

After leaving the distinct impression some weeks ago that he wanted to be Minority Leader, Eric Cantor has decided he does in fact want to do that. He's also pushing for Roy Blunt to remain as Whip. Such a pair would be a vote for the status quo, something voters rejected last night.

While I'd generally be amenable to both Cantor and Blunt for those positions, I think it sends a very bad and strong signal to the base that yesterday sent a very clear message demanding institutional reforms of the GOP in a conservative direction.

Cantor was a part of a leadership team that turned its back on the principles that made the GOP a majority party. He does not deserve to move up.

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