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Tuesday, November 07, 2006 :::

Brisk Traffic

I voted at Tuckahoe Elementary School this morning. The parking lot and side streets were full -- but nothing like they were during the 2004 election. The line inside was short and moved briskly, though the person ahead of me had misplaced both her voter registration card and her license and allowed me to go ahead while she rifled through her pocketbook to find some sort of valid identification.

The touch-screen machines that drive Luddites crazy were in use. No problems at all and the staff offered to help with any questions or problems.

Outside, there were poll workers for the Republicans and for the Commonwealth Coalition (I told the very active CC worker that she already had my vote, which seemed to brighten her spirits a bit). The Democrats may have had someone there, but it wasn't obvious. Then again, the competition in the 7th CD is thin and resources were probably deployed elsewhere (one would think).

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