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Wednesday, November 15, 2006 :::

"...We’d be better off without her in public office"

Thus sprake Manoli regarding the return of Reva Trammell to the Richmond City Council.

As much as I can sympathize with the sentiment, in this case, what seems to have occurred in the city's 8th Ward was an electorate turning to someone who not only campaigned hard for their votes, but actually seems to care about them -- and drops everything to attend to their needs.

As much as Jackie Jackson may have represented a different sort of elected Richmond official -- earnest, intelligent, even clinical -- that's not exactly what brings voters to the polls (irony of ironies, both Reva and Jackson are Sorensen graduates...Trammell from the class of 1999, Jackson from the class of 2002). Old-fashioned politicking does.

And that seems to rub Manoli the wrong way. Of course, his distaste for Trammell may be part personal and part strategic (positioning for the H.O.D. race in 2007). Regardless of the reasons, he ought to spend a little less time bashing Reva and a lot more on studying how she won. There's a lesson or two in there somewhere, and he would be wise to take notes.

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