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Wednesday, November 08, 2006 :::

Back to Principles

The GOP got the national drubbing it deserved last night, losing the House and, more likely than not, the Senate as well.

As I've been writing for months, these events should be welcomed. In a single stroke, voters told the GOP that scandal (if the exit polls are to be believed) and profligacy have enormous consequences.

For the Democrats, there will be jubilation and rightly so. However, the hard reality of divided government is that they are now on center stage. Controlling the legislative agenda is fine and good. Repaying one's base is expected. But with majority status comes responsibility and scrutiny. They have had neither for 12 years. How they manage the next two will very likely determine which party controls the Congress for a generation.

As for the Virginia races, the House results show the status quo is firmly in place. The Allen-Webb contest, while still in a bit of flux, will probably fall Mr. Webb's way. If the results hold up, he will make an interesting incumbent, particularly when the buyer's remorse begins to set in among certain circles.

As for George Allen, assuming the results do not change, he is an honorable man who was tarred by one of the most abominable and nasty campaigns we've seen in some time. His defeat would seem to be a ratification of the sort of politics Virginians like to believe don't happen here. But now, they seem to have been ratified. But he cannot escape the cold reality that he fumbled this race away months ago. I said it a couple of days ago, but this campaign made the Kilgore effort look positively Churchillian.

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