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Thursday, November 30, 2006 :::

At Least the Consultants Are Beginning to Notice

Via The Corner, is an item about what Republican consultants thought of the 2006 elections. Nuts, bolts and that dreaded 72 hour stuff make appearances, but so does this:

The panelists also were largely in agreement that Republicans are lagging on taking advantage of the internet and bloggers. Newhouse, who polled for Sen. Joe Lieberman after the Dem-turned-Independent lost his primary, recalled how they'd get "daily email updates about what the bloggers were saying." In Republican campaigns, Newhouse said, "we had none of that." Consultant Russ Schreifer noted how some of his clients would ask where the GOP version was of the joint fundraising liberal bloggers did for favored candidates. Schreifer also recognized how the blogs had become not just fundraising outlets, but also unfiltered mediums for oppositiion research. Democrats did a better job, he said, of putting out such oppo online as a way of getting it into the media's bloodstream. And by the time the MSM got it, the DCCC already had the ads cued up.

You bet they did.

The big question, of course, is will the GOP (and the RPV, for that matter) do anything to close this gap any time soon?

In Virginia's case, some Republicans are already making connections. Bob McDonnell has done the most in this area and future statewide candidate Chris Saxman is a past pro. And while he isn't as prominent (yet), Ken Cuccinelli has made various online appearances over the last couple of years. Bill Bolling has made a substantial foray into the blog world as well.

Their peers would be wise to follow them.

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