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Tuesday, November 28, 2006 :::

"Advance" Thoughts

Nova Scout offers some trenchant observations on the state of the RPV in advance of this weekend's "Advance."

I'd add one caveat, though, to the focus on Northern Virginia. As critical as the region is the GOP's long-term political success, there are very troubling signs elsewhere that deserve someone's immediate attention.

This post over at Ben's place succeeded in bringing together a lot of things I've been seeing right here in Central Virginia --you know, one of the regions that is supposed to be somewhat safely in the GOP column. This is no longer true , especially in the case of Henrico County and, eventually I'd guess, Chesterfield County.

Now I know -- Chesterfield is supposed to be reliably Republican and generally is. But like neighboring Henrico, the trend in the last two elections is for far narrower GOP wins than in past years. And as both counties continue to grow, the trends may solidify into realities. If that occurs, Central Virginia will no longer provide any sort of electoral backstop for statewide GOP candidates.

As much as Northern Virginia matters, particularly to Northern Virginians, the problems the GOP faces are not exclusive to that region. Rather, they are spreading. And quickly.

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