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Tuesday, October 17, 2006 :::

What Warner Might Have Said

Bart Hinkle rewrites Mark Warner's decline to run statement in language that everyone can understand, but no politician will ever use.

The modern political campaign makes it utterly impossible for decent, thoughtful men and women to express a single honest opinion or acknowledge even the possibility of any complexity or nuance. Anything you say can and will be twisted by the other side to make it look as if you meant the exact opposite. That's if the media don't do the twisting first. Talk about a bunch of leeches -- they'll beg you for a quote one minute and then savage you in print as soon as you give it to them. You can't order breakfast without people reading secret messages and stratagems into your hash browns and orange juice. Every word you utter has to be tested first in front of dial-meter focus groups. The process turns you into a robot. It eats up your soul and spits it out.

I love this country, but I'll tell you what: Anybody crazy enough to go through the modern electoral campaign should be in a nuthouse, not the White House.

Henry Hyde (that's the second time I've mentioned him today) once railed against term limits, saying, and I'm paraphrasing, it's impossible to find good leaders in the phone book.

On the contrary. Good people with solid ideas and strong convictions can be found on every page. Why don't they run? For many of the reasons Hinkle describes.

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