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Friday, October 27, 2006 :::

The Wandering 10%

The National Journal's Clive Crook picks up on the theme that libertarian-minded voters may have had enough of the GOP -- enough to swing the election to the Democrats (an echo, not a choice, really). He states:

The American idea -- expressed in the Declaration of Independence and in the Constitution -- is quintessentially a classical liberal idea. It is all there: Limited government; checks and balances; civil liberty and economic liberty. Libertarians won those arguments, but they have been on the losing side for about the last 70 years.

Today's main political battle is between those who want to run the economy from Washington and those who want to dictate the country's morals from Washington. (George Bush's Republican Party apparently wants to do both.) And we libertarians should not delude ourselves: If this is true, it is not because politics is letting people down but because most Americans feel comfortable in one or the other of those camps. As long as only one in 10 people reject both of those ideas, the choices facing the electorate will continue to be about as inspiring as the choice that presents itself on November 7.

This may be painting with a very broad brush, but in the main, I think it's true.

And that's why election day can be so damned depressing.

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