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Virginia's Walk of Shame

The walk of shame. It stalked the footsteps of men and women alike in college -- the long, early morning stroll back to their own dorm after having spent the night elsewhere and usually in the company of someone the walker would rather forget.

Now, it's Virginia's turn to make that same ignoble walk. Only this time, the the whole world is awake and watching. And snickering. And it's got some people's britches in a bunch:

"To the extent that Virginia is caricatured nationally as a place that is not welcoming of new Americans, that would not be helpful to the effort to attract investment in the commonwealth," said Kevin Hall, press secretary for Gov. Timothy M. Kaine.

New Americans, old, it's all about one old American, named Benjamin. Of course, some in Richmond, namely anyone from Great Richmond Chamber, refuse to be taken off message:

"In my humble opinion, what is hurting more than the rhetoric in the U.S. Senate race is the inability of our legislature to reach some agreement on transportation issues," Dunn said. "That is the one issue we hear about."

Look up "provincial" in the dictionary and you're likely to find a picture of the Greater Richmond Chamber nearby.

I suspect what's done more damage to the state's reputation are incidents like the Great Laptop Riot of '05 and its distant cousin, the school board member laptop porn-fest of '06 or the Ed Barber follies, or just about anything having to do with the Richmond city council. Granted, these are highly localized, but let's face some facts...when it comes to embarrassing moments, Virginia and every other state, county, city, town, township, village, 'burg and 'ville has made a special contribution.

It's just our turn to make the long, lonely, self-conscious walk back home...and hope to God someone else is caught making the walk as soon as possible.

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