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Wednesday, October 04, 2006 :::

Try, Try Again

The Daily Fishwrap's blog has an item about the Governor and his grand scheme to remake the House in his own, more tax-friendly image:

[Kaine] did say he would work next year to unseat Republicans in the House who refuse to increase taxes or fees -- or find another way -- to pay for statewide improvement needs now estimated at $108 billion.

"I still have a sense I can make something happen during my term," the governor said. But "it will take a change in the House."

Interesting words...words that remind me of another Governor who wanted to oust certain House members who simply refused to do what he wanted.

Maybe Kaine should ask Jim Gilmore just how well that approach worked.

Then again, perhaps Kaine should look over the clips from his attempt earlier this year to bludgeon House members into backing a transportation tax hike. The robo-calls, the townhall meetings, the various threats and sticks and finger well did those tactics work?

So well that the GOP caucus managed not only to hang together, but also to come up with a range of counter-proposals to address the transportation "crisis" that reflected some genuine insight. If the Governor wishes to generate similar results, then go ahead...release the hounds. All of them. And the sooner the better.

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