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Monday, October 02, 2006 :::

Shelter from the Storm

From Not Buck, a look at where the Senate race stands now and what may lie just over the horizon.

On the Allen side of the ledger, I've been hearing from activist-types that a return to issues - particularly those that made Allen a statewide force to begin with - is eagerly awaited. Whether buying statewide air time is the proper or sufficient way to do this remains to be seen. It's novel for Virginia. But why does it bring to mind those 30 minute buys Ross Perot was once noted for?

Hmmm. As long as George doesn't use any charts, he'll be okay.

As for Webb...he has reaped enormous benefits from Allen's public (and repeated) gaffes. But as I said some time ago, he needs to give people a reason to vote "for" him and not simply "against" George Bush or George Allen. And with his new millions, he may yet be able to put such a message out there.

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