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Tuesday, October 31, 2006 :::

Sabato Spotting

Larry Sabato emerges from the cone of silence to give Rich Lowry his latest thoughts on the Allen-Webb contest. Sabato now believes it's "conceivable" that Allen will lose:

Today, for the first time, he allows that he could. In light of the recent polls, he says, "I've got to question my assumptions." He speculates -- and it's only speculation -- that the novel attack might have back-fired. "I run into people who aren't Democrats and they all think those attacks were ridiculous" in addition to playing into the negative image of Allen. On the other hand, he says the book attack did serve the important tactical purpose of keeping Webb from punching through on Iraq at the time Webb was giving the response to Bush's radio address. Anyway, he says, "I now think it conceivable that he could lose," emphasizing the word "conceivable."

If the slew of new polling data holds true through election, I'd say it's more than conceivable that Allen will be returning to the private sector.

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