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Friday, October 06, 2006 :::

Run, Paul, Run

Almost forgotten, and largely ignored by the TD, there are a number of interesting Richmond city council races underway. And none more so than the 1st district contest to replace outgoing council president Manoli Loupassi.

Mercifully, Style Weekly has stepped in where the TD fears to tread, giving a fairly decent look at the field, but focusing on the two current frontrunners, ex-Wilder aide Paul Goldman and the candidate from Ukrop's, Bruce Tyler. Both Don and Snoopy have been on following matters closely (heck, Don even attended a candidate forum which, of course, generated some controversy...good on 'yer, Don).

While I no longer live in the District, it's still a fascinating event to watch from just across the county line. The monied elite have picked their man (Tyler)...Wilder's sort-of candidate (Pounders) is floundering. And Goldman? He keeps hustling. No matter who wins, the implications are huge, and not just for the downtown hole in the ground (what some would have called the Performing Arts Center). If Goldman wins, will the council finally get the political street smarts it's lacked since, I don't know, 1780? If Tyler wins, will the West End Grandees restore their hold on local politics?

Actually, none of it may matter, if Reva wins. Oh my.

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