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Wednesday, October 18, 2006 :::

RoVa There

The WaPo's Style section is noted for its snarkiness. Here, the staff creates what will (and already has) set some people off: a list of how NoVa is oh so different from RoVa. Snip:

In NoVa, they listen to NPR. In RoVa, they listen to the NRA.

NoVa has Crate & Barrel. RoVa has Cracker Barrel.

NoVa: Chain Bridge. RoVa: Chain saw.

In RoVa, they like freshly killed venison. In NoVa, they like Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Cute. It may also explain why the Virginia welcome center on southbound I-95 is on the southern side of the Rappahannock. But let's see...

NoVa has Backlick Road. RoVa has Big Lick (a.k.a. Roanoke).

Which means Virginia's lick fetish is statewide. Chalk one up for unity!

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