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Monday, October 09, 2006 :::

Ric Young for Senate

After having suffered through the senatorial debate for the last hour, there's only one logical conclusion I can make:

WTVR news anchor Ric Young was the one who should be running for Senate.

He was calm, cool, collected and, yes, dressed to kill.

As for the two men who mugged for the camera the rest of the time...George Allen mumbled, bumbled and stumbled his way through a litany of bullet points that, at times, made me want to throw the remote at the television.

Jim Webb showed flashes of temper, even anger. He's a snappish one, and while that might go over well in the O Club, it won't win him any friends in the Senate. Or many other places, either.

As for zingers...well, Jim Webb doesn't have a keen grasp of tax policy and George Allen doesn't know the geography of the Taiwan Straits. And both have a poor sense of time management. That damned egg timer in the background made me wonder whether this debate was in a television studio or a diner.

It's very hard to say whether this debate will change any minds, or even make an impression on those who remain undecided. What I found particularly appalling about the debate was that no one -- not the questioners or the candidates -- addressed the issue of North Korea's nuclear test.

Bray all you want about those evil Asian banks, but when Captain Ahab in Pyongyang has the bomb, those matters ought to be secondary, at best. Shame on them all for ignoring this matter in favor of the Foley sex scandal and macaca.

And once again -- that's Ric Young for Senate. He's buttoned-down and ready to roll.

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