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Wednesday, October 18, 2006 :::

Pensions for Felons

Rep. Bob Ney, who will soon become a guest of the state, will still be able to collect a tidy congressional pension in spite of his crimes. The National Taxpayers Union is running an online petition drive to help shed some necessary light on this foul practice.

The pension is just part of the problem. Because Ney refuses to withdraw from his office, Andrew Moylan calculates that Ney will continue to pocket $452.60 per day in salary until he is given the boot (which the House leadership says it will do immediately in the lame duck session).

Only in Congress can you be an admitted criminal and still collect a teacher's salary-worth of paychecks before your exit. And that doesn't even take into account the fact that the people of Ohio's 18th District have effectively been without representation for more than a month now.

Actually, the people of the district probably haven't noticed Ney's absence. The sun still rises and sets, life goes on. But if some enterprising candidate wanted to make a little last-minute campaign hay, he or she could make a rather good issue out of this.

No pay and no pensions for felons.

It is deeply disturbing that something like this should even have to be said.

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