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Sunday, October 29, 2006 :::

Jim and Pat

The Weekly Standard's Andrew Ferguson tries to get a handle on Jim Webb and specifically, the accommodations many liberals have made with Webb's beliefs in order to unseat George Allen.

After reading the piece, something finally clicked.

Webb isn't a Chuck Schumer puppet, or a Kos bandit. Far from it. This "blood and soil" conservative has many of the hallmarks of what were once called "streetcorner conservatives." And before he went off to solve the mystery of the pilfered strawberries, the most prominent example of that conservative type was Webb's old Reagan Administration colleague, Pat Buchanan.

Both seem to share a fighting disdain for the left's social, political and moral equivocations. Both have an enduring respect for, and abiding faith in, that most elusive of creatures, the average Joe (both the Tailgunner and Sixpack varieties).

Both cottoned to Ronald Reagan because he stood for and spoke to them. Both have a certain paleo-conservative distaste for free trade, large corporations, overweening government and the milquetoasts who support them.

And perhaps not surprisingly, neither favors the Iraq War.

Not perfect parallels, to be sure. But interesting ones, nevertheless.

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