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Tuesday, October 31, 2006 :::

In Which Fred Barnes Agrees with Me

Via NRO, an exchange between Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke on the Senate races:

KONDRACKE: This race [in Virginia] — my rule of thumb is . . . that if an incumbent candidate can't get up to 50 percent of the vote by this time that he's probably going to lose the election. Now, this is razor thin, The "Get Out the Vote" machinery on the part of the Republicans will work to Allen's advantage. I just think that Allen is in very weak shape. . . . I think he’s going to lose.

BARNES: Yeah, there been a couple of polls recently that had showed Webb ahead. You know, he is the first Buchananite Democrat. I don't know of any other, you know he's anti-immigration and so on. He'd fit in with Buchanan a lot more than he does with the rest of the Democrats, but I think in the end Allen will prevail.

Hmm. Well, I think Barnes is right about the Buchanan thing. But if we're going to start agreeing on things, it may be time for me to take a long, long vacation.

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