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Thursday, October 19, 2006 :::

The Georges Come to Richmond

President Bush will appear at a George Allen fundraiser at the Science Museum this evening. Which is all well and good.

But I wonder if the President will duck out for a moment of two to check out the Animal Grossology exhibit downstairs?

My son and I visited last weekend and learned all sorts of fun things about how flies eat and how to identify various forms of animal poop. There's also a video game where you have to navigate your dung beetle through a maze of obstacles to ensure your ball of poo makes it safely into storage.

Sounds a little like fundraising, actually. Or Congress. So a visit would either be redundant or deeply ironic.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton eases into NoVa for a Webb fundraiser, which is all well and good, too.

Except for this nugget Tyler Whitely manages to dig up:

The Clinton trip will be notable because Webb six years ago called the Clinton administration "one of the most corrupt" in modern times.

Webb, then a Republican, endorsed Allen over U.S. Sen. Charles S. Robb, a Democrat and fellow Marine. The Clinton fundraiser will be at Robb's home in McLean.

Disillusioned with Bush's war and economic policies, Webb since has become a Democrat.

Asked Tuesday about his 2000 remarks about Clinton, Webb, who was wounded in Vietnam, said: "The Vietnam war is over! The best way to define my relationship with Bill Clinton and others [is], it took a long time for us to work through the emotions of the Vietnam War. That went away for me on 9/11."

Okay. A more forthright explanation would be that the emotional scars went away the moment Bill said he'd help Webb raise money. Or they've merely been set aside until the checks clear.

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