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Friday, October 27, 2006 :::

Everyone's a Critic

The manufactured flap over Jim Webb's fiction writing is almost to depressing for words.

Bart Hinkle has some fun with the matter. I'd add to his list that Shakespeare was all over the map -- incest, murder, STD's (ever wonder about Goneril in "King Lear"?), not to mention page after page of comedic cross-dressing.

And don't even think about picking up a copy of the "Decameron," or go anywhere near "The Canterbury Tales." And those Grimm fairy tales? stuff (at least in the unsanitized versions).

And while we're on the topic, there's this from Rick Moran at Rightwing Nuthouse:

There must be limits beyond which a candidate is penalized for exceeding. The absolutely disgusting nature of the passages quoted in the Allen press release fills that bill. The fact that they are quoting piece of fiction obviates only slightly Webb’s startling and disturbing imaginative wanderings into the sexual dark side of the human mind as it also reveals the depths to which Allen’s honor and integrity have sunk.

If this doesn’t doom any Presidential hopes for the Virginia Senator, it certainly should.

To be fair to Allen, Webb's cohorts have slung buckets of mud so far in this campaign -- enough so that Webb has been irrevocably tarnished. But on the point as to whether this incident will help sink Allen's presidential hopes...I think that's already happened. But if not, then yes, those hopes ought to be fairly well cooked right now.

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