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Tuesday, September 26, 2006 :::

This Sounds About Right

An astute analysis of where things stand right now from Not Buck.

The bit on Prof. Sabato is interesting:

The Real Larry Sabato also takes a hit from this. For some reason, he decided to wade into the fray and has now become part of the story. As Chris Matthews pointed out on Hardball a few minutes ago, the good professor needs to put up or shut up about what he knows about George Allen. Cryptic answers don't cut it.

A number of reporters I've talked to also lose, because the Sage of Charlottesville is no longer a dispassionate observer. As one reporter put it, "F***! Now where am I going to get a political scientist to quote?"

How about Bob Holsworth? He's always given good quote and he's right here in Richmond (saving the reporters' respective papers a nickel on those long distance calls).

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