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Thursday, September 28, 2006 :::

Street Corner Conservatives

Over at NRO's "The Corner," the perpetually smug John Podhoretz says:

Webb is a brilliant and unclassifiable guy — I'd say he's very close to being a paleocon with socially liberal attitudes. But if he is anything, he's politically incorrect. How ironic, therefore, that his campaign has now staked itself on the incredibly dreary politically correct issue of "offensive language" dating back decades. Instead of being the philosopher-novelist candidate, Webb is instead on the line in the most dispiriting and unintelligent political contest the United States has seen in years.

Hmmm. A "paleocon with socially liberal attitudes." Sounds almost like Sen. Robert Taft on a lost weekend.

Meanwhile, the normally restrained John J. Miller savages an Allen direct mail piece. He suggests instead that Allen follow NRO's patented advice: "Allen should make the case that Webb is too liberal—not too insensitive—for Virginia."

Yup. The classics never go out of style at National Review. This would be the exact, perfect, dead-on, smack 'em up strategery for winning...if Allen was running in 1980.

And lest he be forgotten, Jonah Golberg offers a bit of levity. Cooties and Larry Sabato make an appearance. In that order.

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