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Sunday, September 24, 2006 :::

The Standard Piece

The Weekly Standard piece on George Allen has been making the blog rounds, particularly among those who, under normal circumstances, wouldn't go near the neo-con mag. Be that as it may, it's worth reading to get a sense of how a politician can go from White House shoo-in to incumbent fighting tooth-and-nail for re-election.

To use a football metaphor, it does seem that Allen was looking ahead to the big game rather than taking care of the over-matched opponent right in front of him. Time and a sizeable warchest may yet correct that. But perhaps not. The impression one could take away from the WS article is that Allen is fighting rapidly changing demographic as much as he is his own "oaf"-like lapses (for a contrary opinion on the demographics, Not Buck has this take, which makes some interesting points).

But there's something else at work in this race, aside from Allen and population changes. There's the idea, broached by Conaway, that the Webb candidacy has forced Democrats to alter their "comfort zone."

Maybe we'll have the opportunity to have that discussion sometime soon. And hey -- maybe we should have it online. That might inject a little substance into what is otherwise one of the most superficial campaigns I've ever seen.

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