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Sunday, September 03, 2006 :::

The Soggy Dark

Thanks to Ernesto, the ol' neighborhood went dark Friday afternoon. Usually, that's not a problem. The generator will kick-in and run most of the house's systems.

Friday afternoon, however, the great big Onan beast in the backyard bleated for a brief moment and passed on to great big generator heaven. Not that this was entirely unexpected -- it is over 20 years old. But disconcerting nonetheless.

So, out comes the smaller Honda unit. It can't run the whole house, but it can handle enough of a load to keep the freezer frozen, a couple of lights on and the television going (on the off-chance there's some news somewhere).

As the day wore on, I called Virginia Power to see if they had an update on the repairs. Surprisingly, I spoke with a real person, who told me the juice would be flowing once more to my neck of the woods.

On Sunday. By about 10 p.m.

Isn't that a delight.

A trip to the gas station for more fuel to keep the Honda rolling for another day ensues. What do I see along the way? Lights. Working lights, just about everywhere.

We head out to dinner with friends (who never lost power). The place is nearby, and, sure enough, they've got lights, too. We return home to the hum of generators big and small all around us. Then, about 10:30 or so, the lights return for a second. Then go off. Then they come on again. Then go off.

Could be capricious squirrels. Could be Virginia Power. Maybe both.

Much later, the lights go on for good. The Honda goes off, but it isn't put away. And a good thing, too. Because this morning, the transformers are still popping.

It's time to get a bigger generator.

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