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Wednesday, September 27, 2006 :::

Props for Andrew in the WSJ

Andrew Beaujon, who along with Don Harrison launched Save Richmond and is currently the Managing Editor of the Washington City Paper, gets some good ink in today's Wall Street Journal for his book "Body Piercing Saved My Life."


The book's title-phrase is a slogan of the evangelical counterculture. The play on "body piercing" is an allusion to the crucifixion, obviously; but the phrase also signals a break with a cultural stereotype. Evangelical belief, it turns out, does not necessarily make young people into buttoned-up preppies or goody-goodies: They may be rebels with a cause -- and possibly a nose-ring or two.

Mr. Beaujon is particularly interested in the musical aspect of the evangelical counterculture. He travels to rock festivals and underground clubs, interviewing singers, guitarists and record producers. He tries to discern the origins of Christian rock, finding it among the Jesus People of the 1960s, to whom Southern Gospel didn't really appeal. ("How could you expect 'em to love Pat Boone after they'd heard 'Led Zeppelin II'?").

Andrew is an extremely talented writer and I'm glad to see him get the national recognition his work deserves.

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