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Wednesday, September 13, 2006 :::

Ollie and Jim

The TD editorial page reminds us of another instance where a candidate who sought to claim the Reagan mantle:

During the campaign for the 1994 Republican senatorial nomination both candidates staked claims to the legacy of Ronald Reagan. A letter from the former president to Senator Paul Laxalt (often described as Reagan's closest political friend) repudiated one of them. Reagan said he was "steamed" about Oliver North's statements regarding Iran/Contra. The let- ter implicitly urged Republicans to reject North. An editorial in The Times-Dispatch concluded that although North remained the favorite for the nomination, "the Reagan letter likely will kill North's November prospects." North won the GOP's nod, but lost to Chuck Robb in a general election famous for the GOP nationwide sweep. On the eve of the election, Nancy Reagan ripped into North, too.

Jim Webb is no Oliver North -- to Webb's enduring credit. However, this is just another example of the Reagans defending their legacy and striking those who, in either word or deed, crossed them.

Is it all politics? No. It's very personal.

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