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Thursday, September 28, 2006 :::

Off Stride

The TD's Jeff Schapiro and Pamela Stallsmith talk to "grassroots" activists about how the Allen campaign seems off its stride.

Actually, they talk to a gaggle of state legislators and a country party chairman. Though, not surprisingly, the comments these people make are largely the same as those I've heard from actually grassroots activists -- you know, the people who take up causes, plant yard signs, write checks, dun their legislators.

Like the pols, activists I've spoken with wonder when Allen will get around to talking about the issues that made him so successful in the past. And some time ago, one wag was overheard saying about the Allen campaign, "we know where Ken Hutcheson ended up."


It may not be possible for Allen, or anyone, to turn the campaign back to issues. Yes, he will, according to the Fred Barnes piece linked below, begin unleashing a policy barrage. But will it make a difference? I'm not sure.

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