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Friday, September 15, 2006 :::

Media Notes

Caught Waldo's appearance on For The Record last night. A very interesting spot that showcased Waldo's knowledge of blogging, politics, technology and, of course, his quick wit. There was only one problem -- he wore a white shirt. White shirts and studio lights are a bad combination for anyone. Blue, time wear blue! The show airs again on Sunday at 11 on PBS.

Conaway offers the second installment of his look at the local media. In this post, he discusses the role blogs play in covering and shaping Richmond-area events. Conaway didn't mention it, but his own South of the James has become a force in Chesterfield county politics (just ask Ed Barber).

Lastly, an Richmond acquaintance of this blog will be appearing on the ABC reality show "The Bachelor" in October. No, it isn't Snoopy. But I look forward to seeing how she does (or did...the episodes were shot some time ago).

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