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Wednesday, September 13, 2006 :::

Before You Flush...

Jim Bacon is all for a "flush tax" to help clean up the Chesapeake Bay (an idea seconded by the deep thinkers at the Daily Press (or Daily Fishwrap, for those in the know).

But before folks get too far ahead of themselves on this idea, maybe they should take a second to look at an unintended consequence of Maryland's flush tax: Sprawl.

...a review of the first 10 projects being built with money from the fund reveals that in some cases, the new plants are spurring development that is disturbing to conservationists.

Half of these new plants will have more capacity than the ones they're replacing, to enable the construction of more homes. At least three of the plants - in Elkton, Kent Island and St. Michaels - will serve proposed developments with hundreds or thousands of new houses on environmentally sensitive waterfront areas, state records show.

So, even as the new plants reduce pollution into the water, the new development will bring other problems for the bay - more blacktop and, with it, more polluted runoff, as well as traffic and sprawl, critics say.

Give government a new revenue source, and the darnedest things can happen. (HT:Government Bytes)

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