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Tuesday, September 12, 2006 :::

Bart Hinkle, Blogger

In response to a post below on the relationship between the press and bloggers, the TD's Bart Hinkle introduces us to his own blog, Barticles. What will he offer readers?

Addenda, parentheticals, and digressions related to my columns in the Times-Dispatch; links to supporting material, sources, and resources for further research; responses; ripostes; rebuttals; counterchecks quarrelsome; and the rare intemperate outburst, hurled with great force and intended to sting.

You also will find frequent links to interesting news items, comments, tidbits, and whatnots. We’re big on whatnots around here.

It look like a fun and interesting read, two things which have been in rather short supply in the Virginia blog world of late.

And, no doubt, it will provide even more grist for Conaway's mill.

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