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Wednesday, September 20, 2006 :::

Are Agency Heads Ignoring FOIA?

I've learned that the Virginian-Pilot has filed numerous FOIA requests with Secretary of Adminstration Viola Baskerville and other Administration agencies relating to an event last month in Norfolk. It seems the conference garnered a great deal of state funding, even though it was produced by a private company. A number of Kaine appointees were in attendance, in part because their agencies were ordered to show up and pay up for the event.

It also seems that the appointees who attended -- some of whom call themselves Kaine "dream-teamers" -- are not at all happy with the prospect of having to comply with the FOIA requests. This is doubly puzzling because some of these same appointees are Sorensen graduates (which means they ought to know better -- far better -- than to turn their noses up at open, accountable government).

In light of the recent Virginia supreme Court decision in a FOIA case from Culpeper County, one would hope that these agency heads, and the Secretary of Administration, would comply with the Pilot's information requests as soon as possible.

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